Does it really matter that Pennsylvania Scale products are Made in the USA? Yes, it really does. It matters to us, the manufacturer, and it matters to you, too. American companies and customers that purchase products from other American companies are promoting a variety of social, economic, and environmental benefits that are good for all of us. If you’ve never really thought about the benefits of buying American, here are few to think about the next time you’re considering products from PA Scale or any other Made in the USA manufacturer.

JOB SECURITY When you purchase products from PA Scale, you’re helping to provide jobs and job security for Americans. That job security means greater economic stability for our employees and their families and for the local communities in which we live and work.

ECONOMIC SECURITY The money you spend on PA Scale products stays right here in the USA. The Made in the USA symbol means that all manufacturing and assembly of our products happens right here. When you support our Made in the USA products, we, PA Scale, support other Made in the USA businesses within our supply chain and distributorships.

FASTER, MORE DEPENDABLE DELIVERY Buying Made in the USA products means those products are shipped to you from locations here in the United States. Compared to purchasing products from a foreign country, buying Made in the USA significantly reduces the shipping distance, resulting in faster delivery times and more dependable shipping and delivery schedules.

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Products that are Made in the USA and purchased in the USA travel shorter distances during shipping and have a much smaller carbon footprint than products that are manufactured and shipped from overseas.

PRODUCT QUALITY PA Scale builds its products to American standards, and we guarantee the quality and performance of every scale we make. We also have a network of independent U.S. distributors that are available for your service needs and field support, including equipment selection, scale setup, and precision calibration, as well as local traceability for commercial applications.

SAFE, FAIR WORKING CONDITIONS Because PA Scale products are Made in the USA at our own manufacturing locations, you can purchase our products with the confidence of knowing that all of our employees are treated fairly and are working in a safe, clean environment.

If you want exceptional scale quality and performance that’s Made in the USA, contact a Pennsylvania Scale expert at 800-233-0473 or