What Can You Do with Digital Scale Data?

The PIVOT data collection system leverages data from digital scales for use in broader, process- and enterprise-level activities and decision making. PIVOT can capture parts counts, weights, and other critical data points from digital scales and communicate them to any networked device. Its open-system design offers endless possibilities for how the data can be used, impacting a wide variety of end-to-end manufacturing processes from raw materials and inventory control to product delivery and traceability. Here are some examples of how PIVOT can be used throughout the manfacturing enterprise.

Transaction history. Track activity at a single weigh station or across a network of weigh stations.
Traceability. Verify the history and location of your weighed materials for production tracking, compliance verification, and product recalls.
Inventory control. Use counting and weighing data to trigger inventory events such as material reordering.
Lean manufacturing. Identify inefficiencies in your production processes to reduce waste and increase productivity.
Statistical process control/statistical quality control. Use scale data to monitor and control processes throughout the manufacturing enterprise.
Shipping manifests. Generate detailed shipping manifests for printing and store for recordkeeping.
Parts lists. Create parts lists for inventory reporting, management, shipping, and compliance.
Database management. Organize parts and specifications into a central database for easy access.
Barcodes. Generate barcodes at weigh points for downstream and supply chain tracking.

These applications are just some of the many ways your digital scale data can be used. If you have ideas for other uses and you need additional support with application development, please contact a PA Scale sales representative at 800-233-0473 or email sales@pascale.com. PIVOT is fully supported from installation and setup all the way through application development and troubleshooting.