pa scale u6600 weighing irregular loads Weighing IBCs, MACX bulk containers, bundled materials, and oversized loads can be challenging due to size. Being able to effectively weigh these loads improves workflow management and helps ensure accuracy. PA Scale’s U6600 Series Low-Profile Bulk Container Scale allows for efficient weighing while also improving inventory control, monitoring, and more.

Scales for irregularly sized loads

Accuracy is paramount no matter the size and shape of your material or container. Be sure to choose a no-ramp scale that offers 3-sided support. A no-ramp scale means that instead of an awkward ramp that’s required for loading, materials, pallets, and more can easily be placed onto it using a forklift which easily fits into the open fourth side. Without a ramp, your business is able to save valuable floor space. You should also look for a scale that can come with stainless-steel construction in order to be conveniently used in a wet or harsh environment or to regularly clean for sanitary purposes. Consider a scale that is also compatible with wireless technology that allows for offsite or centralized material control and helps businesses easily track product weight for reordering, monitoring, or reporting purposes.

If you’re looking for a scale that can help provide a weighing solution for dealing with irregularly sized loads, contact a PA Scale sales representative at 800-233-0473 or email