The team at Pennsylvania Scale is excited to announce the promotion of Jeff Vasisko as our new General Manager starting immediately.

For the past two years at Pennsylvania Scale, Jeff has accomplished great things, first as a Technical Support Engineer at Pennsylvania Scale, and then as Corporate Director of IT for both Emery Winslow and Pennsylvania Scale. Among his many achievements, he has developed and cultivated relationships with vendors, customers, and employees, resulting in a higher level of accountability at Pennsylvania Scale and earning him the trust and respect of internal and external stakeholders. He has streamlined processes and helped improve efficiencies in the shop and in doing so, has reduced both material and labor costs. Using his creativity and putting his savvy technical skills to good use, he has assisted Sales and Marketing in bringing many marketing programs in-house, giving us more flexibility in the messaging while also saving money. He took over the IT function at Emery Winslow, enabling us to move away from outsourcing our IT. He stepped up to assume responsibility for Emery Winslow tech support and has plans to strengthen and unify the technical support functions across both companies. His contribution to our organization has already had a tremendous impact and he will be a resource to all in managing projects, making strategic decisions, and supporting revenue-driving initiatives.

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Jeff and wishing him success in his new role! You can reach him at

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