Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and shipping and receiving operations depend on the consistent performance and accuracy of their shipping scales to verify orders, track shipments, and control shipping costs. Pennsylvania Scale Company has a longstanding reputation for delivering the precision and accuracy needed for this critical part of the production environment, and we offer a variety of counting and weighing shipping scales and scale indicators that perform to these high standards. A Pennsylvania Scale expert can also support the integration of your shipping scales with other third-party systems and software, and our shipping scales are easily connected via USB, R-232, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Pennsylvania Scale can provide shipping scales and scale indicators that:

  • Offer simple setup, calibration, integration, and maintenance
  • Count and weigh with precision and accuracy
  • Capture and communicate count and weight data
  • Automate data collection to remove operator error
  • Easily connect to data management tools
  • Support tracking and traceability
  • Control shipping costs by preventing overweight/underweight shipments

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Counting and Weighing Shipping Scales

7300 Bench Scale
7300 Series Bench Scale PA Scale Co

Standalone or building block scale with high resolution electronics for accurate weighing in a quality control process

7500 and 7600 Count and Weigh Indicators

Stainless steel enclosure, U-bracket mount, fast setup, one button counting, fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems

6400 and 6600 Bases

Rugged, heavy-duty designs available in mild steel or stainless steel and in standard and custom sizes

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