Washdown scales are essential equipment in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing environments, including food manufacturing, food processing, and meat processing, and in harsh, wet industrial environments. For these conditions, Pennsylvania Scale Company offers a complete series of washdown scales and weighing systems that include indicators and bases for demanding wet and washdown applications. Our washdown scales are constructed of 304 stainless steel, including hardware and load cell, that helps maintain sanitary requirements while reliably delivering high accuracy and performance.

You can count on Pennsylvania Scale to deliver washdown scales that:

  • Perform in harsh, wet, sanitary, and washdown applications
  • Deliver outstanding performance in production, processing, and packaging environments
  • Offer simple setup, calibration, integration, and maintenance
  • Count and weigh with precision and accuracy
  • Collect and communicate scale data
  • Easily connect to data management tools
  • Integrate counting and weighing activities into larger operations

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Count and Weigh Washdown Scales

6500 Series Stainless Steel Washdown Base

Rugged, heavy-duty designs available in mild steel or stainless steel and in standard and custom sizes

7400 and 7600 Washdown Indicator

Stainless steel enclosure, U-bracket mount, fast setup, one button counting, fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems

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