Our Scales are Great Communicators. They can tell you a lot about your operation!

The information your weigh scale or counting scale system provides can play a vital role in helping your business increase efficiencies, become much more accurate, reduce shrinkage, decrease give aways, and provide your management team with real time, actionable data that can be leveraged to boost your company’s bottom line.

All Pennsylvania Scale Company weighing or counting scale systems can be interfaced to a wide variety of devices. Barcode label printers, Barcode scanners, Windows PC and IOS data collection systems, Android and iPad and many other third-party software and systems. This flexibility is designed in the scales and takes advantage of the outstanding standard and optional communication interfaces.

Our count weigh scale interface systems also offer multiple connection options:

RS-232 Port Interface
The RS-232 weighing scale port is bi-directional so your count or weigh scale can send data to and receive commands and data from computers, barcode scanners and other devices.

USB Output /Input
Pa Scale offers weighing scale with USB interface options like USB Virtual Com Port connection which allows your computer to assign a virtual comport to receive data on that specific comport. A USB HID (Human Interface Device) connection allows you to pull your data directly from the scale USB port into your software programs that may not be designed to work directly with a scale.

Bluetooth Virtual Com and HID
With Bluetooth connection You can wirelessly transfer scale data directly into a program running on a PC. MAC, Android or iPad device.

And Many More
You can also connect your weighing scale via Wi-Fi TCP/IP, Wired ethernet TCP/IP and Analog Output 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC connections. Find out more by downloading our Scale Communication Application Report or contact us at sales@pascale.com

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