Counting and weighing are important measures within quality control systems that can be quickly and accurately captured and communicated using high-quality, high-accuracy quality control scales from Pennsylvania Scale Company. Counting and weighing data can be clearly displayed from a selection of Pennsylvania Scale indicators, and our quality control scales can be easily integrated with data collection and data management systems via USB, R-232, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Our experienced team of quality control scales experts can help you select scales that allow you to:

  • Count parts and weigh materials for quality control
  • Capture and communicate count and weight data
  • Add in-motion weighing to improve throughput
  • Track products throughout a quality control process
  • Prevent overweight/underweight as a quality control measure
  • Track and trace products and shipments
  • Integrate counting and weighing measures into your quality control process

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Counting and Weighing Quality Control Scales

7300 Bench Scale
7300 Series Bench Scale PA Scale Co

Standalone or building block scale with high resolution electronics for accurate weighing in a quality control process

7500 Bench Count and Weigh Scale
7500 Series Bench Scale PA Scale

Heavy duty construction with one button counting, auto sample update, and 1 part in 1 million internal resolution

7600 Bench Count and Weigh Scale
Scale Rental - Scale 7600

Clean design, bright display, and full numeric keyboard for entry of tare weights, 6-digit I.D., sample quantity, and average piece weight

6500 Base

Rugged, heavy-duty design available in mild steel or stainless steel and in standard and custom sizes

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