When you need high accuracy weighing for your manufacturing or industrial process control, turn to Pennsylvania Scale Company for your process control scales. Our rugged, high-performance process control scales perform thousands of count-based and weight-based process control operations in manufacturing to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and support inventory management with inline weighing for optimal throughput. Our knowledgeable scale experts can also support the integration of your process control scales with other third-party systems and software, and our scales are easily connected via USB, R-232, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Let our team of scale experts assist you with selecting process control scales that:

  • Count parts and weigh materials with precision and accuracy
  • Capture and communicate count and weight data
  • Add in-motion weighing to improve throughput
  • Track products throughout a process
  • Manage materials by preventing overweight/underweight
  • Control shipping costs by preventing overweight/underweight shipments
  • Integrate counting and weighing activities into larger processes

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7600 Count and Weigh Indicator

Stainless steel enclosure, U-bracket mount, fast setup, one button counting, fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems

6500 Series Complete Washdown Scales
PA Scale - 12x12 Washdown Scale and Indicator

All 304 stainless steel construction, including hardware and load cell, for sanitary applications in demanding environments

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