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Pivot count weigh systems and solutions provide high performance and outstanding quality to your unique, real-world industrial count weigh applications.

Pivot delivers:

  • Count weigh systems that track inventory usage, measure employee performance, manage freight costs, and enhance the quality control and systems of your company to boost the accuracy and efficiency of your operations.
  • Solid, fast, substantial return on investment and long-term profitability enhancements. Not vaporware, not meaningless jargon. Just a reliable system that works as hard as you do to save your company money and resources.
  • Added value, including our outstanding software, electrical and mechanical engineering resources, and 100+ years of industry weighing experience that provide the absolute best solution for your company.

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PIVOT Software Solutions for Count and Weigh Systems

PIVOT software makes it easy to collect scale data from a process or production line. From basic data collection into Excel to integration with quality control software or more advanced custom databases, PIVOT helps deliver the data that leads to valuable insights and opportunities to increase efficiency and accuracy and boost profitability.

PIVOT Label Printing Systems

PIVOT includes weighing and counting scale label printing systems to meet your exact application requirements, including human readable labels, barcode labels, tickets, or receipt printing. PIVOT label printing systems offer outstanding performance, reliability, and flexibility to meet the demands of industrial scale printing applications. Our label printing systems are ideal for applications such as: packaging, production, warehousing, and shipping and receiving. Choose from basic label formats or have us design a custom label format.

PIVOT Communication Options

PIVOT communication options offer a broad portfolio of standard and optional communication methods to meet any application. These include:

  • On demand
  • Continuous output 
  • Auto output 
  • Serial/RS-232  
  • USB  
  • Ethernet wired and wireless/WiF  
  • Analog output 4-20ma or 0-10VDC
Interface to Third-Party software and ERP/MRP Systems

With PIVOT software integration, we can provide you with the scales and interface to work with your ERP/MRP or process software. We have years of experience working with systems like WINSPC, Winwedge, Red Prairie, UPS Worldship, and many others.

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