JFK International Airport Transitions to PA Scale Components

John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, NY) was experiencing technical difficulty with the existing conveyor baggage scales in Terminal 1. After analyzing the equipment, the airport’s maintenance company realized that replacement components for these platform scales were no longer available. As the busiest international gateway to North America and the United States’ fifth busiest airport, JFK was in need of a reliable solution. Field Technician Courtney Hill of PA Scale’s Connecticut-based affiliate, Emery Winslow Scale Company, proposed replacing only the electronics in the agent stations but keeping the existing base structures (motorized conveyors to advance the bags). They were in good working condition and used standard SESB load cells making them fully supportable.  PA Scale was able to solve the problem economically and efficiently and there have been no maintenance issues since the upgrade. During this installation, the contracted maintenance company was responsible for the upgrade and ongoing calibration maintenance of the scales. Pennsylvania Scale’s M64 electronics are a great solution to minimizing maintenance issue. We fully support the original baggage platform scales we’ve installed no matter how long ago the installation.