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At Pennsylvania Scale Company, our airline baggage scales are built for long life, sustained accuracy, have clean, extra-rugged designs, and come with strong customer support. Our systems have become a standard for airport baggage check-in stations worldwide.

If it’s time to update your airport baggage scale and are wondering what to look for in a new system. There are several features to consider when you’re looking for a new baggage scale.

Accurate results

Arguably the most important feature of an airline baggage scale is that it provides accurate results. If you’re using an inaccurate scale, it can completely affect the efficiency and profit of your airline as well as customer satisfaction. You may over- or under-charge travelers; those that are over-charged may take the time to file a complaint either at the airport or afterwards, taking up time and leaving unhappy customers, which could have been avoided with an accurate scale.

Weight accuracy is also incredibly important when it comes to determining the amount of weight on the plane. Even if your scale is off a few pounds, it can add up to a significant amount that could affect the balance of the plane.

Reasonable response times

In an airport, it’s important to be able to quickly handle and organize baggage. You want a baggage scale that provides a reasonable response time when weighing luggage. Even if it’s just a few extra seconds, those seconds add up throughout the day as thousands of people move through the airport.

Modern design

Your current airport scale may seem like it’s functioning fine, but it’s likely outdated. Many airlines are using outdated designs and technology in their airport scales. Take advantage of the opportunity to update your current baggage scale. At PA Scale, we can integrate our scales with your current system to make the transition even easier. 


Airline baggage scales are used constantly and are relied heavily upon when determining the cost of baggage and how much weight is on a plane. You need a scale that is durable and holds up to constant use. A scale with a stainless-steel top plate and powder-coated finish helps ensure that it’ll last for a long time. 

Great customer support

Customer support is vital with your airline baggage scale; you want to be able to resolve issues as quickly as possible to remain at optimal efficiency. Purchasing a scale that you know can be easily and promptly installed is also a great benefit.

If you’re interested in investing in a high-quality airline baggage scale or simply want to update parts of your current system, reach out to Pennsylvania Scale Company today at: 800-233-0473 or email