High Resolution Counting Scale

Introducing the new, updated, High Resolution, High Performance and Made in the USA family of bench count weigh scales from Pennsylvania Scale Company!

We are excited to introduce you to our new upgraded line of bench scale bases and count/weigh bench scales. If you’re familiar with Pennsylvania Scale, you know we have utilized the same mechanical design for 30+ years. While the legacy design served its purpose, we felt it was well past time to upgrade these models to a higher performance more modern looking model. We are confident that you will love the upgrade because frankly it is BETTER with features and benefits like:

  • Super heavy duty fabricated steel and powder coated finish. Designed for rugged industrial applications, picking it up you can feel the difference.

  •  20,000 divisions of capacity standard set up for non-legal for trade applications because of a new “Center/Center” load cell design. The legacy unit used an off-center load cell design which affected end loading and overall weighing and counting performance. New design uses a completely centered load cell design for improved performance for both weighing and counting accuracy.

  • Maintains the same 12”x14” stainless platform footprint that our customers require and demand.

  • New Centered overload protection AND Underload protection, much more effective than traditional corner overload stops.

  • Innovative design allows access to the electronic components without unbolting the load cell. Enclosure has more room for additional option cards, cables, batteries, and makes repairs easier. No need to recalibrate the scale because of unbolting load cells when accessing the interior of the scale.

  • Centered display and improved viewing angle that is easier to see and use. More logical location for operators to access.

  • Communication and remote base connections are now on the back of the chassis easily accessible and easier to connect.

  • The new design provides enhanced protection from dust, debris water or rodents accessing the interior and electronics.

  • Commonality of parts, Load Cells, Main Board, Display Board, and most cables same as legacy unit

  • Multi-Vendor, USA Made Universal Base, High Quality, Short Supply Chain ensuring no disruption in our ability to fulfill orders.

We will transition from the legacy design on Tuesday June 18 but will continue with the previous pricing through the end of June.

There is a small price increase for the new HR Design effective July 1. We are confident that with the enhanced performance, increased durability and Made in the USA, the new HR Bench Scales and Bases still represent an incredible value for industrial weighing and parts counting scales.