Fully stocked and right here in Lancaster, PA, USA, the Gravity Measurement brand represents our best-in-class line of affordable weighing and counting solutions. These quality scales and components offer great performance in a variety of industries and applications, including agriculture, healthcare, food service, and food manufacturing.

Gravity is ideally suited for

  • Box-in-box-out

  • Mail order

  • Internet

  • Drop-shipped

  • Price-sensitive applications

Gravity is also backed by the same customer support and attention you’ve come to expect from the Pennsylvania Scale team. Our goal is to be your trusted source and supply partner for a wide range of products and markets. With Gravity Measurement, we can offer a solution to address a wider range of market segments and customer buying needs with distinct differentiation from Pennsylvania Scale-branded products.

For more options that deliver exceptional accuracy and performance, check out the full line of Pennsylvania Scale Company weighing and counting solutions at pascale.com.



Gravity Measurement Complete Bench Scales

Complete bench scales, including column and NT Digital Indicator. Ships as a matched set. Rugged design, NTEP to 5000 divisions.


Bench Scale Platforms

Value-priced, rugged platform assembly with excellent performance. NTEP to 3000 divisions. Match with any digital indicator or use as a second base to a counting system. Free matching to any Pennsylvania Scale digital indicator.


Ergonomic Bench Scales

Sleek, ergonomic bench weighing scales ideal for industrial lab, portioning, or ingredient weighing applications. NTEP to 3000 divisions. Large, backlit LCD display and internal AC/DC feature. Super performance where esthetics and performance matter.

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Point of Sale Scales

Value-priced scales have displays front/rear, superb accuracy with NTEP to 3000 divisions, backlit LCD displays (3) for weight, unit price, total price. Price memories, large SS sanitary platforms. Ideal for farmer’s markets and a wide range of commercial applications. Note: Requires site calibration. Follow local weights and measures regulations.

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Parts Counting Scales

Parts counting scales have three (3) backlit LCD displays: net weight, APW, and count. NTEP to 5000 divisions, 30,000 internal counts. Clean, ergonomic design and simplified operation. APW memories for frequently-counted inventory items. Internal AC/DC operation. Sleek, rugged, accurate.

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Food Service Scales

Ideal food service scales are IP68 with sanitary platforms. Superb performance and clean designs. Battery and AC/DC operation. Bright LED displays are perfect for low light situations. A great option when price and performance matter.

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Shipping Scales

Compact scales for rugged, dependable shipping or packing performance with indicator and low mount. AC/DC operation and backlit LCD display ship matched and ready to go. Large platform delivers dependable performance.


Floor Scales

MS floor scales with 1/4″ diamond deck, NTEP to 5000 divisions. Available in three (3) sizes. Ideal for general utility applications, 20′ home run cable. Add for indicator. Great performance, low cost. Add any Pennsylvania Scale indicator. Free factory matching. Fast shipment.


Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Stainless steel floor scale with 1/4″ smooth plate. Washdown capable. Ideal for tank, hopper, bin, ingredient weighing. All SS construction. Add for indicator.

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Veterinary Scales

The PAVET-2036 low profile veterinary scale comes with a large 500 mm (19.68”) wide by 900 mm (35.43”) platform with a 500 lb. x 0.2 lb. capacity. Ideally priced with large SS platform and ultra-low profile for fast, accurate weighing of animals or other needs. Excellent package designed for sustained accuracy and long life.

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Digital Indicators

NTEP to 5000 divisions. SS enclosures. Backlit LCD displays. Multi-functional. Display multiple units. AC/DC with internal NiCD battery packs ideal for permanent or portable applications in a wide range of environments.

Multi-Display High Accuracy Indicator

50,000 internal counts. Backlit LCD displays weight, APW, and count. APW memories. AC/DC operation. Clean, industrial enclosure. Ideal for fast cash recovery in rental situations.