drum bunny mobile stationary pa scale

Knowing that you have the option for a mobile scale with the Drum Bunny, you may be questioning whether or not a stationary or mobile scale would be ideal for your company and if there is a way to get both so that you can use it to fit your specific needs in the moment. While you always have the option to go mobile with your Drum Bunny and move it and the product as you see fit, you can also find it as a stationary scale if that is the type of weighing solution you need in the moment. Drum Bunny can be adjusted to fit your business’s specific needs when it comes to weighing and transporting your products.

Drum Bunny mobile use 

How it works: The Drum Bunny is a product in Pennsylvania Scale’s line of productivity solutions for lean environments. This line is focused on providing businesses with real solutions to their production challenges that they cannot find elsewhere.

The Drum Bunny is a mobile weighing solution that greatly benefits a business by providing accurate weighings for inventory. This product is ideal for frequently assessing and weighing inventory while also moving it between locations with ease. By simply placing a container or drum onto the platform, users enjoy the efficiency of weighing the product and then quickly transporting it. Features such as the three load cell design make it possible to easily use the product on uneven floors, since it adapts to the leveling change instead of forcing you to unload the platform and drum each time to adjust. The design of the Drum Bunny also allows you to do away with the need for regular calibration and provides superior accuracy. 

A variety of industries can benefit from using the Drum Bunny. From warehouses that have to regularly weigh and transport inventory to food service companies that need to track how much product is being used, the Drum Bunny has a wide range of applications for many different industries.

Drum Bunny stationary use

How it works: If the mobile feature of the Drum Bunny is not necessary for your plant or facility operations, you can opt for the stationary version. Users that purchase the stationary Drum Bunny still benefit from heightened weighing accuracy and set calibration.

It mainly differs from the mobile Drum Bunny in that it uses less floor space and is ideal for weighing materials that do not need to be moved. A great feature of the stationary Drum Bunny is that it can be easily placed into corners to save space in whatever environment you plan to use it.

If you’re interested in the mobile or stationary version of the Drum Bunny, contact a PA Scale sales representative at 800-233-0473 or email sales@pascale.com.