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When you’re looking for a barrel scale, you should search for one that is compact, versatile, and dependable. Some manufacturers create barrel scales that have a variety of options to customize. However, maybe a barrel scale is not ideal for your business or your weighing needs. Consider the stationary version of the Drum Bunny instead. Both scales are reputable options and can provide reliable results.

Barrel scale

Look for a barrel scale with a heavy-duty design and super low profile that makes it easier to maneuver the load you’ll be weighing onto the scale. If you think you’ll be weighing oversized loads, getting a barrel scale with live side rails can make that task easier. At PA Scale, barrel scales perform well in wet or dry environments, can be placed permanently or moved when necessary, and weigh a variety of materials.

When purchasing a barrel scale through PA Scale, it also comes with a 20’ cable to a digital indicator with factory matching at no cost. The barrel scale also comes with one ramp and the second is optional. If a custom size is needed, PA Scale can meet those needs up to 48” wide x 60” long and can be arranged by contacting the factory.

While you’ll need a ramp to get a load onto the scale, you can choose a barrel scale that has a detachable ramp to help save space when the scale is not in use.

Stationary Drum Bunny 

The Drum Bunny is part of PA Scale’s Productivity Series. While it is most commonly sold in its mobile form, it can also be purchased as a stationary model. The stationary Drum Bunny is ideal for use in places where there is very limited floor space. It can easily be moved into a corner or other tight space to weigh stationary materials.

When purchasing the Drum Bunny, a portable digital indicator is included as well as a rechargeable power supply with a USB micro universal connection. The handle folds to save even more space. The stainless-steel construction makes it a clear winner for environments that require regularly cleaning scales to maintain hygienic standards.

If you’re interested in purchasing a barrel scale or the Drum Bunny for your business, contact a PA Scale sales representative at 800-233-0473 or email