Airline Baggage Scale
Airline Baggage Scale
Airline Baggage Scale System

Airline Baggage Scales with Exceptional Reliability, Rugged Construction & Extreme Accuracy

Pennsylvania Scale is the global leader in precision, reliability, and durability when it comes to airline baggage weighing systems. No surprise that we offer the perfect solution for replacement scale electronics and displays, the ABS7400!

Discrete electronics enclosure allows for mounting inside the Pennsylvania Scale M64 or M66 series bases as well as many other third party bases or under the ticket counter.

Bright, stable and easy to read LED display accommodating up to four displays per scale, catering to various check-in scenarios such as curbside or shared stations. Equipped with standard RS-232 for integrated weighing systems, our products seamlessly integrate into existing setups. The ABS7400 is the best choice to facilitate hassle-free retrofitting of existing platforms.

Approved by NTEP and legally certified for trade at 5,000 divisions, each scale undergoes thorough pre-calibration and rigorous testing at our factory before shipment, ensuring effortless installation and compliance with local weights and measures regulations.

The ABS7400 is made in USA, proudly manufactured at our Lancaster, PA manufacturing center to meet the diverse needs of any situation. Choose Pennsylvania Scale for unparalleled reliability, durability, and performance in airline baggage weighing systems.

ABS 7400 scale downloads

  • Standard Features
  • Extremely heavy-duty design provides unmatched length of trouble-free service
  • Durable powder-coated finish frame and 304 Stainless Steel #3 finish platform cover
  • 304 Stainless Steel #3 finish flush mount displays up to four with each base
  • M64 available in 18” X 18” X 5” or 24” X 24” X 3”
  • M66 available in 24” X 24” and larger or custom sizes.
  • Designed and made in the USA with the quality you expect and demand in precision industrial weighing

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  • Specifications
  • Power AC line voltages 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC
  • Power Consumption 0.25A at 115 VAC
  • Circuit Protection RFI, EMI, ESD Protection ADC shielded
  • Display: .56 LED Red, bright, stable and easy to read
  • Indications for Gross, Net, Tare, Count, Piece Weight, % Accuracy, and Base 2
  • Operating Temperature 14℉ to 104℉, -10℃ to 40℃
  • Internal Resolution 1/8,000,000
  • 5 VDC excitation to power 4, 350-ohm load cells
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Legal for trade M64 NTEP COC 98-013. M66 COC 97-009A4 & 90-097A3
  • Measurement Canada COC M64 AM-4714 & AM-5647. M66 COC AM-5647 & S.WA-4456 Rev.3
  • Approvals