There are a multitude of applications for our Airline baggage scale systems.

Check In Scale

Check out the Pennsylvania Scale innovative airline Check in baggage scale system. Designed to streamline the check-in process and ensure hassle-free travel for passengers, our state-of-the-art baggage scale offers a user-friendly and accurate solution for measuring luggage weight.

With its cutting-edge weighing technology and legal for trade certification the Pennsylvania Airline Baggage Scale guarantees precise readings, minimizing the risk of inaccurate weighing at the ticket counter. Its sleek and compact design allows for seamless integration into any airport ticketing area, optimizing space and providing a smooth experience for both travelers and airport staff.

Curbside and Portable Baggage Scale

The Pennsylvania Scale portable curbside airline baggage scale system is designed to redefine the check-in experience for travelers on-the-go. This revolutionary product allows passengers to conveniently weigh their luggage right at the curbside, eliminating the need to carry heavy bags to the ticketing counter. The system’s lightweight and compact design ensures easy transportation, making it a practical solution for busy airports. Legal for trade and with advanced weighing technology, the Pennsylvania Portable Curbside Baggage Scale System delivers precise and reliable measurements, ensuring compliance with airline weight restrictions.

Airline staff can now efficiently process passengers’ luggage, expediting the check-in process and reducing congestion inside the terminal.

Airline Baggage Scale System

Electronic Only Baggage Scale Conversions

(Modular Components to upgrade or repair existing systems) The Pennsylvania Airline Baggage Scale System is modular – By design. Our electronics and displays work with any existing strain gauge load cell base. Our bases will work with any strain gauge standard electronics and display. If you have a damaged electronics and a good scale base or a damaged base and good electronics we can supply a new module or component unit for your application.

You can reach out to our team of experts for a recommendation and pricing when you need to replace part but not the whole of your Airline Baggage Scale.

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