Airline Baggage Scale

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Get ready for smoother travel experiences this summer with our latest innovation: the M64CS Curbside Portable Baggage Scale! 🛄✈️

As we gear up for what’s projected to be a record-breaking summer travel season in 2024, airports, airlines, and facility managers are seeking efficient solutions to streamline the check-in and bag drop processes. That’s where our portable curbside check-in scales come into play, offering a surge capability during peak travel times.

Introducing the M64CS Curbside Portable Baggage Scale, designed by Pennsylvania Scale. This cutting-edge system combines the reliability and durability of our renowned M6400 base with the advanced features of the 7600 EXP indicator. With outstanding performance and a 36” column, along with two swivel and two fixed lockable casters, this scale system is incredibly easy to maneuver when needed and conveniently stores away when not in use.

Worried about power? Fear not! The 7600 EXP indicator utilizes a standard off-the-shelf 10,000 mAh battery, providing over 50 hours of continuous operation. Plus, with its hot-swap battery feature, you can seamlessly switch batteries for uninterrupted service.

Ready to experience the future of efficient baggage handling? Visit our brand-new airline baggage scale web page to explore the M64 Curbside Portable Baggage Scale and discover our full range of airline baggage scale solutions. Click here to learn more:

At Pennsylvania Scale, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way you handle baggage. Join us on this journey to smoother travels for all! ✈️🌐 #PennsylvaniaScale #BaggageHandling #TravelInnovation

Airline Baggage Scale

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