EtherNet/IP Scale
  • Effortless Setup: Say goodbye to PC connections and complex third-party software configurations. With the 7800 EIP, all setup is conveniently performed through the indicator or scale HMI. Settings are presented in a user-friendly, human-readable format for easy comprehension.

  • Flexible Configuration: Enjoy the freedom to read or write scale data without the constraints of fixed setups. Data in and out can be mapped to any register, making the 7800 EIP the ideal replacement for existing indicators. Duplicate the setup seamlessly, eliminating the need to reprogram or adjust PLC or control device settings.

  • Painless Troubleshooting: On-board diagnostics take the pain out of troubleshooting, ensuring efficient problem resolution and minimizing downtime.

  • Legendary Accuracy and Reliability: The 7800 EIP combines Pennsylvania Scale’s renowned weighing accuracy with an intuitive operating system and robust real-world reliability. It’s the ultimate choice for all your Process Control Weighing and counting applications.

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EtherNet/IP Scale

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