The Drum Bunny drum scale combines multiple steps when weighing and handling drums or barrels: You don’t have to lift and move heavy drums or other containers to a stationary scale for weighing and measuring then return them to stock.

  • Simply roll the Drum Bunny mobile drum-weigher to the container, place it on the weighing platform, record its weight, and move onto the next container.
  • This ergonomic operation enhances safety by reducing wear and tear on the operator handling the drums which boosts efficiency because conveying and weighing are accomplished with one piece of equipment and with one operation.
  • The easy to lift scale system is efficient to use. It makes weighing every drum, barrel or container used in a process a consistent procedure enhancing accuracy, consistency and quality while reducing waste. Many customers see a significant ROI measured in weeks and not months or years when they deploy the Drum Bunny drum scale system.

Available in heavy duty powder coat finish, full washdown 304 Stainless Steel, FM Intrinsically Safe versions and the new 24” X 30” size for larger items.

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