New system streamlines inventory and production monitoring

Pivot Wireless Technology

LANCASTER, PA (September 17, 2018)Pennsylvania Scale Company, a leading U.S. manufacturer of scales and scale indicators, introduces PIVOT, a flexible, scalable data collection system designed for PA Scale digital scales.

The PIVOT data collection system includes a hardware component that easily attaches to a PA Scale digital scale via USB port. Supporting PIVOT software is free and is available for download to any Android phone or tablet.  PIVOT easily integrates with new or existing PA Scale digital scales and can capture and communicate parts counts, weights, and other critical inventory and production data points to any networked service or device, including local ERP and POS databases, internet-based tools, and phones and tablets. PIVOT software can be auto-programmed for piece weights using bar or QR codes, and it also includes tools to help users define new data points for capture. PIVOT is ready-built for counting scales but can be customized for other applications.

Implementation, maintenance, and retrofitting of the PIVOT system are fully supported by Pennsylvania Scale and include automatic updates, bug fixes, and continuous failure monitoring.  PIVOT is completely retrofit compatible with PA Scale 7500 and 7600 Series Bench Scales.

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