Pivot Equipped New Scales from PA Scale

New PIVOT Equipped Digital Scales

Android Phone with PIVOT AppIf you’re purchasing a new PA Scale digital scale and would like your new scale to be equipped with PIVOT wireless technology, talk to your PA Scale sales representative when ordering. PIVOT is available on PA Scale digital scales equipped with an RS-232 port.

What Can PIVOT Do?

PIVOT is a combination of hardware and software that, once installed, will allow your digital scale or group of scales to capture and communicate parts counts and weights to any networked device or online platform for inventory and production monitoring. Devices and platforms include phones, tablets, barcode scanners, ERP and POS databases, and internet-based tools. PIVOT is completely customizable for any application that is driven by parts counting or weighing data.

These applications can include:

  • Average piece weights (APWs)
  • Report generation
  • Transaction histories
  • Summaries
  • Number generating with traceability
  • Accounting
  • Material control
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Shipping manifests
  • Parts lists
  • Database creation
  • Database consolidation
  • Barcodes

How Do I Get PIVOT for My New Scale?

The PIVOT digital scale data collection system is available for any new PA Scale digital scale equipped with a RS-232 port. The PIVOT hardware component installs directly into the RS-232 port and can be field installed. The PIVOT software component is downloadable to any Android phone or tablet from the web. Click Here for PIVOT Software download instructions.

PIVOT is fully supported from installation and setup all the way through application development and troubleshooting.

To get PIVOT wireless technology installed on your new PA Scale digital scale or to get PIVOT support, contact a PA Scale sales representative at 800-233-0473 or email sales@pascale.com.

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