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About Pennsylvania Scale Company

Pennsylvania Scale Company is the leading U.S. manufacturer of airport baggage scales, bench scales, scale indicators, floor platform scales, and barrel scales for a variety of industries, including airports, OEMs, and warehouse distribution. Our equipment provides reliability, accuracy, efficiency, and value over an anticipated service life of 20+ years and is backed by the best warranties in the industry, and all equipment is supported by an extensive network of independent dealers and distributors. Pennsylvania Scale’s M64 Series Airport Baggage Scales can be found in airport baggage check-in stations worldwide, including McCarran International, Miami International, JFK International, and Cancún International Airports.

Pennsylvania Scale offers more than off-the-shelf weighing and counting equipment. We provide integrated solutions to your day-to-day production challenges. The products in our Productivity Series are made with high quality materials and are designed to speed up processes, improve inventory management, and eliminate unnecessary steps and movements within your Lean operation.

Our brand identity is built around long life, sustained accuracy, clean extra-rugged designs, and strong customer support. Our products are supported by a large network of independent scale dealers and distributors. Many Pennsylvania Scale products continue serving faithfully after 15-20 years and purchasers of our new products can expect a similar service life evidenced by our long warranties which are the best in the industry!

Electronic scales, bench scales, and floor scales are manufactured in our modern plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Larger platforms are made in our corporate plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. All Pennsylvania Scale products are designed, manufactured, and supported by Pennsylvania Scale and ship NAFTA Free Trade to our Canada and Mexico business partners.


Accuracy in a Wide Range of Industries

Pennsylvania Scale brings weighing accuracy and reliability to the smallest parts and the largest containers. Standard capacities range from 2 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. or more for custom applications. From standard products and services to custom designs and retrofits, we have the inventory, resources, and expertise to manage all of your weighing needs. Learn more.

Custom Weighing Solutions

We offer custom software solutions that can be uploaded to your equipment right in the field, and output strings can be easily modified for a wide range of printers and data collection requirements. In addition, our 7600E/7400 family of indicators was designed as update for retrofitting existing scale batching and weighing systems. Learn more about our indicators.