7300 Series Bench Scale

7300 Series Bench Scale 2018-06-21T14:06:40-05:00

Fast, Flexible, Dependable

Whether as a stand-alone scale or building block for a weight processing system, the 7300 series has what it takes to provide accurate weighings year after year. Rugged cast construction. High resolution electronics. Remote display connector. Four-year warranty. Flexible RS-232 communications. Whatever you weigh, there’s a 7300 series scale to exceed your expectations.

  • AC/DC Power Option
  • USB, Ethernet, Analog Communication
  • Equipped for Remote Display
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Works with these Indicators


  • Lbs and Kgs or any (2) weight units
  • Standard RS-232 by DB9; USB option
  • HD cast construction
  • Large 12″ x 14″ platform (10 lbs and >)
  • NTEP; Canada COC
  • HD industrial power cord

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Technical Specifications


  • Shipping manifest systems
  • SPC/SQC or ingredient weighing
  • Point-of-sale
  • Animal or sample weighing

Weight Capacities

Capacities and Accuracies, NTEP to 10,000 d.
2 lb x 0.0002 lb – 907.2 g x 0.1 g*
5 lb x 0.0005 lb – 2268 g x 0.5 g*
10 lb x 0.001 lb – 4536 g x 0.5 g*
20 lb x 0.002 lb – 9.072 kg x 0.001 kg*
50 lb x 0.005 lb – 22.68 kg x 0.005 kg*
100 lb x 0.01 lb – 45.36 kg x 0.005 kg*
150 lb x 0.02 lb – 68.04 kg x 0.01 kg*
200 lb x 0.02 lb – 90.72 kg x 0.01 kg*

Platform Sizes
8 x 8” Aluminum
8 x 8” Aluminum
12 x 14” ss

*(2) standard weight units can be provided as Primary and Secondary units of measure: other weight units & resolutions including Lb/Oz can be specified with order – consult factory.

NOTE: Not all custom units and resolutions are suitable for Commercial Applications. 


Stable, 0.56″ high intensity red LED display
Buttons for ZERO, UNITS, PRINT
Up to (2) additional remote displays (option) connector provided
Option with/without internal display

Data Communication

Bidirectional RS-232 standard, USB
Optional Ethernet output
Optional Analog 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA proportional output
Default settings for most manifesting systems
Custom software, outputs, features – contact factory
Compatible with serial printers for sheet, ticket, labels


AC/DC power, self-contained 30 hours+
Dual or Triple ranging resolution (specify) up to 20,000 stable divisions
Custom output strings
Remote display(s) – connector provided



Accuracy in a Wide Range of Industries

Pennsylvania Scale brings weighing accuracy and reliability to the smallest parts and the largest containers. Standard capacities range from 2 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. or more for custom applications. From standard products and services to custom designs and retrofits, we have the inventory, resources, and expertise to manage all of your weighing needs. Learn more.

Custom Weighing Solutions

We offer custom software solutions that can be uploaded to your equipment right in the field, and output strings can be easily modified for a wide range of printers and data collection requirements. In addition, our 7600E/7400 family of indicators was designed as update for retrofitting existing scale batching and weighing systems. Learn more about our indicators.